Consoar is a network of unmanned ground and aerial drones for the Environmental Monitoring industry.

Establishing the industry best practices for 1,745 active and 10,000+ inactive yet still odor emitting landfills, Consoar is a proprietary and patent pending solution delivering valid real-time data 24/7, 6X faster than current human system. Consoar enables real-time methane leak detection to reduce landfills’ carbon footprint, air pollution and odors, which are the leading issues with neighborhood associations, advocates and regulators.

Data and actionable information generated and displayed across platforms allows for better workflow management and faster validation of decision efficacy. Saving time and money with better remediation response and outcomes, made possible by the fact that Consoar is able to generate more data both in terms of quality and quantity for better and faster decision making, thus reducing financial losses as well as reducing greenhouse emissions.

Consoar is built upon a suite of innovative technologies that our company has been developing for NASA over the past four years. These technologies include:

  • Software agent, R-HATS, which enables efficient human-automation teaming in the management of multiple manned commercial airplanes in emergency landing situations.
  • Ongoing project, HATIS is building an interface system to visualize the risks (e.g., people, property, vehicle) associated with operating a large number of unmanned aerial drones.
  • M-HATT, research platform for managing large number of unmanned vehicles with one operator
  • Ground control station (J-HATT) for manual control of one large aerial drone by one operator.
  • Secure and extendable architecture that leverages Amazon Web Services and cloud computing, that can scale up to meet increased demand for handling data from a large number of unmanned vehicles, and which can communicate with diverse platforms.