Human Automation Teaming


Consoar is a network of unmanned ground and aerial drones for the Environmental Monitoring industry. Establishing the industry best practices for 1,745 active and 10,000+ inactive yet still odor emitting landfills, Consoar is a proprietary and patent pending solution delivering valid real-time data 24/7, 6X faster than current human system. Consoar enables real-time methane leak […]


HATIS (Human Autonomy Teaming Interface System)


R-HATS (RCO Human-Automation Teaming System)


M-HATT addresses a key barrier to widespread use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations in the national airspace system (NAS)


HATS devises specific and generic human automation teaming solutions/ technologies along two major lines


J-HATT is a new unmanned aircraft system (UAS) ground control station (GCS) that HATS developed for NASA. It is designed to significantly augment NASA’s current simulation capabilities, as well as to become an industry standard for UAS GCS used in the national airspace.

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