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HATS at JIFX next year!

Human Automation Teaming Solutions, Inc. (HATS) will bring our newest technology to the Joint Interagency Field Experimentation (JIFX) event at Camp Roberts, California, next year.

HATS’ technology addresses the need to delegate and share responsibility for multiple concurrent unmanned aerial system (UAS) operations between a single human operator and automation. In doing so, HATS addresses the need for technology that allows a commander to exercise effective command and control over a large number of UAS without requiring a commensurate increase in personnel.

To oversee and manage multiple UAVS on a dynamic, risk-filled battlefield, a single operator requires similarly dynamic task allocation and supervision that will make the most effective use of the operator’s time and resources.

The U.S. Navy’s Naval Postgraduate School hosts quarterly JIFX events (www.nps.edu/fx) to explore the potential of new capabilities to address challenges faced by the United States’ Combatant Commanders and the federal entities that support (or are supported by) these commanders.

At JIFX, HATS will examine the effectiveness of adjustable, adaptive and mixed initiative approaches to task allocation:

  1. Adjustable task allocation relies on the operator to determine and dynamically revise which tasks get allocated between the operator and the automation. So an operator might take over the landing of a UAS if he or she sees that the winds at the landing site are too gusty.
  2. Adaptive task allocation, on the other hand, relies on the automation to determine and revise this allocation. So the automation will determine and assign the landing task to the operator if the winds at the landing site are too gusty.
  3. Finally, in mixed initiative allocation, which has elements of both, that automation might assign the landing task to the operator, while the operator might have the responsibility for tasking the automation to find a new route if he or she determines the winds are too gusty to land.

At JIFX, HATS will use one or two physical UAS, together with multiple simulated UAS–all flying in a common, but dynamically changing, live-virtual-constructive simulation environment–to compare and contrast the effectiveness of these approaches in terms of decision accuracy, workload, and situation awareness.

HATS will participate in the 2017 JIFX.